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Christopher E. Fiffie Multi-Media Specialist
A multimedia specialist is a skilled individual who has expertise in many of the following areas: Conceptual design: One is able to visualize the big picture. A conceptual designer is responsible for providing the overall plan of a game, web site, or multimedia project Graphic design: The designer is able to apply the basic concepts and practices involved in the design of graphic solutions to visual problems. Computer graphics: Most positions today require one be able to artistically use software applications such as Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash Audio design, recording and editing: The visual is only half of the product and being able to effectively record and edit sound files and sound tracks for media productions is key to being a multimedia producer. Video recording and editing: Multimedia means using motion graphics and video footage. This requires expertise in using programs such as Sony Vegas Pro, Final Cut Pro, Premier, and Avid. Writing: The word is always with us and being able to effectively write scripts, convey ideas, and deliver information in a clear and logical way is a critical skill. Interactive media and interface design: Most multimedia requires user participation. Designers need to know how to program interaction through a carefully designed interface. Web page design and editing: The web has become a standard medium for educational and business purposes. A multimedia producer needs to know how to use applications such as using Dreamweaver and programing to design web site material.. Programming: There are times when design problems require an understanding of how to program solutions. A rudimentary level of skill helps in many situations. Instructional design: Many web sites and multimedia products are designed that require an understanding of how people learn from well organized material. Producers of educational materials must have some level of expertise in the area of instructional design and technology Database design and maintenance: How does a shopping cart work? One of the more serious questions a web designer today must answer and be able to implement. Many sites require database design and maintenance knowledge and skill.